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Recycle your organic kitchen and garden waste to create compost for the garden. The compost heap will not only provide you with an excellent soil conditioner but will also be home to invertebrates and other animals, and is a rich feeding ground for birds and beetles.

Whitehill Junior School Pond Project - 2009

We were originally called into Whitehill Junior School in February 2009. We had been given this opportunity by way of a referral from the Japanese Koi Company in Henlow. Within an initial meeting at the school, the head teacher Mrs Bradshaw and two colleagues set about telling me of their vision. Having just completed works to the surrounding area, these included a vegetable plot, garden plants and associated path ways. A Pond was always part of these plans, but recognising the complex nature of such an installation, felt employing the services of a specialist aquatic company was the natural choice. We were left with an area that had already been designated (complete with a small hole and a lot of overgrown weeds), a list of objectives and an opportunity to provide a pond that would work well within this area and of course tick all of the boxes.

The Setting out and excavation

Planning is key to the construction of a good pond. Within the excavation process we have had to forward think. We considered the rocks, the waterfall, the paving, the plants, the pond depths, the boggy area and how these elements would work together to form the completed pond

The lining and the paving

The pond was lined with a butyl liner and protected by a geo-textile membrane and a blinding of soft sand.

With the flexibility of a butyl sheet and its guaranteed long life. This really is the tool for the job

A paved area towards the front of the pond is a perfect support for children that are going to view or even dip form the pond. The area around the paving was supported by a weed control membrane and dressed with 14mm highland pebbles

The Finished Pond

Three weeks later and we have a pond. The head teacher is delighted and the garden area of the school is truly complete.

We have created a habitat that will comfortably support many different species of wildlife and provide a key focal point the school grounds.

If nurtured and allowed to establish this pond will provide many years of enjoyment, and enable generations of children to understand the importance of our freshwater wildlife and recognise first hand a little bit about our environment and how we impact upon it.

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