Garden & Pond Top Tips

Provide underwater structures. These are important because they provide a refuge for smaller fish. Place pallets, formed into tepee shapes, on the bottom of ponds. Christmas trees are another good structure. You should burn off the needles first, as they can plug pumps and put a large amount of organic material into the pond. You don't want to build more than three or four structures per acre.

Eight metre high 7 piece fountain configuration

We were called in to establish why an existing fountain display had started to under perform. The fountain had been installed some ten years ago and hadnít been physically touched in the last five. Ordinarily the fountain would achieve a height of approximately eight metres; it was now producing half of this.

Not being familiar with this installation, we set about understanding the fountains construction. This was impeded somewhat by its position in the middle of an incredibly large pond, which was approximately three feet deep.

The whole configuration weighed in excess of 150kgs and was based around two enormous submersible pumps, six medium shaumsprudler (foaming) jets and one centrally positioned large shaumsprudler (foaming) jet. This was all bolted to a supporting galvanized tubular frame work.

Further to four of us wrestling the beast out of the water, we recognised the frame work was rotten, one pump had expired and the plumbing to three of the fountains heads needed repair.

The whole configurations needed to be fully refurbished, so thatís what we did!

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