Garden & Pond Top Tips

Control Weeds This is the one pond problem everyone has to face. There are five kinds of aquatic plants-algae, floating, emergent (foliage above the water), submersed (most of the plant is under water) and floating leaved. Some plants are desirable. Plankton algae is a source of food and oxygen. Filamentous algae is that green slime draped over your hook. (It's not good.) There's a tipping point when weeds begin to take over a pond, says Ian Menzies, business manager for Imas Aquatic & Garden Services. The pond has to be constructed carefully, or in a short time "you get a wetland," notes Menzies. IMAS sells a line of aquatic products to manage nuisance and exotic weeds and algae.

Having dealt with every conceivable pond dilemma, at imas we can respond competently and knowledgeably. Ensuring that your pond is back to working correctly in no time and with the minimum of fuss.

Pond Repairs

Pond ImprovementsThe most common situations we deal with are leaks (liners, plumbing, streams and waterfalls) and failed equipment.

We will visit your pond, thoroughly appraise your predicament and provide you with an overview, it being our intention to enable you to understand the position and possible solutions. In addition to this we will provide a detailed estimate, without obligation of course.

Should we recognise a situation where live stock may be at risk by the existing problem. We will organise our work load to deal with situations deemed as high priority first.

Pond ImprovementsEnhancing your ponds appearance

With a keen eye and bags of experience we can see clearly where improvement can be made. From your planting arrangement to your fountain display, we understand all aspects of your ponds make up and can help you to get the very best from them.

Pond ImprovementsImproving pond conditions

In understanding the art of keeping water clear and healthy for your fish to live in, we are able to provide the correct formula for your specific pond. Recognising the vast range of pond equipment that is available, we will ensure you are left with a pond to cherish and enjoy.


If you would like any more information please call or make yourself known to us.