At imas we are aquatic specialists with a passion for ponds and a wealth of experience in pond construction gained by designing and maintaining well over a hundred water gardens.

Aquatic & Pond Services & Maintenance

With over fifteen years experience as pond and aquarium specialists, we have a thorough knowledge of aquatic design, pond maintenance, pumps and pond filtration. 

Your Pond Problems Solved

If you already have a pond or water feature, but have on-going problems, we can provide a solution for you. Whether this is on a consultation basis, or if you prefer we can complete the alterations for you.

Pond Maintenance

Maintenance programs dedicated to your specific needs. Contact us for a free appraisal of your situation and an idea of associated costs.

• Ultra Violet Filters
• Pond Filtration
• Green Water
• Blanket Weed
• Overgrown Plants
• Pond Cleaning
• Leaking Pond
• Poor Plumbing
• Loose Paving
• Sick Fish
• Blasted Heron
• Pond Protection

• Ultra Violet Filters
• Quartz Sleeves De-scaled
• Filter Pumps
• Fountain Pumps
• Waterfall Cleaning
• Sediment Removal
• Preventative Treatment
• Blanket Weed Treatments
• Biological Filters
• Pond Heaters

Pond Construction & Refurbishment

Why do you want a pond?

Is it to appreciate the magnificence of koi carp or perhaps the smaller, hardier varieties such as goldfish or shubunkins. Do you want fish or just wildlife and plants? A successful pond is created through planning, work out what you want from your pond and contact us.

We will then within a free no obligation visit, help you to position it, understand how deep it needs to be, advice of different construction techniques and what’s best for your specific situation. From this we will provide a detailed proposal dedicated to your specific situation.

So don’t let the blanket weed grow under your wellies, contact us today.